MLM Logistics Services Malaysia & Softwares

MLM Logistics Software is a integrated-platform cloud based software for Third Party Logistics, Freight forwarders and Parcel/ Courier service providers seeking a high performance logistics software. Our ‘Power of MLM Logistics Service’ suite covers the end-to-end needs of the Logistics Service Providers. Fulfillment systems that can’t adapt to your requirements can bring your business to its knees. Proper vetting of providers in this area is critical.You need to know your orders will flow seamlessly between your direct selling platform and your fulfillment partner’s warehouse management system.

MLM Logistics Software helps you to…

Qualities and Features of Board MLM Plan Software

Integrate quickly and easily – already serves companies using top commerce platforms.

Serve party planners.

Easily create kits on the fly.

MLM Logistics Services Malaysia & Softwares

Qualities and Features of Board MLM Plan Software

Our system has been designed to handle the unique order processing requirements of direct sellers.

Data integration expertise, with systems experts who build the required application program interfaces (APIs).

Real-time visibility to order and inventory data, either through an online portal or by pushing data automatically to your system.

Inventory Management MLM Software

Perceive audit ready hardware and software inventory details.

  • Schedule scanning of systems to collect inventory data.

  • Manage software licenses, category, and compliance.

  • Detect, block, and auto-uninstall prohibited software in the network.

  • Look at software usage statistics.

  • Automate alerts on specific events such as installation or uninstallation of new software, removal of hardware, etc.

  • Over two dozen out-of-the-box reports and the ability to create custom reports across different formats.

Whether you’re a distributor, a brand owner selling wholesale or a direct to consumer eCommerce MLM business, proper inventory management is crucial to ensuring the efficient operation of your business. Our MLM Software inventory management system lets small business owners like you manage your inventory, orders, and customers from one place.

Allowing you to take orders, sell more, and work smarter, inventory management system means you have more time to focus on growing your eCommerce or wholesale distribution business. Take a look at our software features below.

    Inventory Management Software

    Customized Supply Chain Software

    Inventory management software System malaysia

    Online Inventory Management Software System malaysia

    Stock management system malaysia

    product stock , bar code software malaysia

    Online E-commerce Inventory Management System malaysia

    Retail Management System: Inventory Management Software

At absolutely no additional cost, you can give your vendors limited access to your system. Whenever they want, all the vendors can see and update their inventory, pricing, pending Purchase Orders, Receipts, etc. Online Inventory management was never so easy. Different components of an inventory management system are barcode scanner, barcode printer, barcode label, inventory software etc.Integrate simple & intuitive inventory management software to your online store.Keep track of your business by selecting an order management system.

MLM Franchise Management Softwares in Malaysia

A powerful, easy-to-use franchise management system for managing operations and organizing multiple business locations. Learn more about Franchise Hive. A powerful, easy-to-use franchise management system for managing operations and organizing multiple business locations.

Everything you need on a single platform

We know you’re a rockstar at what you do; that’s why you do it. But franchising is about working for yourself, not by yourself. We help bridge the gap between franchisor and franchisee so you can grow and succeed together. Our franchise management software allows you to run your multi-location business on a single, easy to use, all-in-one system. When new franchisees join your team, they’re equipped with everything from branding to business processes right from the start, so they are able to succeed quickly and you are able sell more territories.

Essential features of franchise management software

After addressing all the questions mentioned above, your next step should be in deciding the essential features that you want in your franchise management software. Here is a list of some of the essential features that should be present in a franchise management software:

    Inventory management – Helps you automate the process of ordering, storing, and tracking products to ensure that adequate supply of your products meets customer demand.

    Field service management – Schedules and tracks field operations of your representatives by providing schedules, route planner, and customer and product information.

    Operations management – Presents data in a dashboard to view to manage price, quality, supply, and inventory of your stock.

    Status tracking – Helps in lead management of your product by tracking the life cycle of the product from the warehouse, sales, to your customers, and other processes.

    Reporting – Helps to provide business insights regarding the performance of all franchise outlets through a business intelligence tool based on sales, revenue, customer attrition, and other data sets in a dashboard.

MLM Billing & Accounts Software

Online Billing Management System Softwares in Malaysia

Offline Billing Management System Softwares in Malaysia

Web Billing Management System Softwares in Malaysia

POS Billing Management System Softwares in Malaysia

Transparent Accounting

Deliver exceptional, personalised customer service by consolidating multiple high-volume billing streams into a single customer invoice.

High-Volume Billing

High-volume billing to easily manage large numbers of transactions, simplify complex billing streams, reduce invoicing costs.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Benefit from one of the lowest total costs of ownership on the market – with a centralised, automated, and affordable platform. Invoicing, billing and quotation software for the small business. Track customer payments and outstanding invoices. Very fast setup and easy to use.As Invoice Manager you can create, track, and manage invoices and quotes. Feel the power of the best free invoice software available as you effortlessly glide through customer invoices, payments, and purchase histories.

Bulk SMS & Email software malaysia

Bulk Email Software – Send bulk email

Bulk SMS text messaging software for business

Bulk email software, news letter software.

Free Bulk SMS Software to Send Bulk Text Messages

Desktop SMS Software

Bulk SMS software

Send Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS software malaysia | Bulk Email software malaysia

Key Features

    Ease of installation

    Integrates to Outlook address book

    Receiving of SMS message replies in the BulkSMS Text Messenger Inbox

    Easy forwarding and replying to SMS messages

    Creation of distribution groups

    Personalised messaging

    Uploading of databases from Excel, csv or tab delimited files

    Detailed reporting of all sent and received messages

    Manages and sends to huge contact lists

    Access to the Rich Media Messaging feature

    Connects to any ODBC datasource

MLM Softwares – Payment Gateway Integration

How a Standard Checkout Process Goes Online:

    Users are constantly paying for premium membership, advanced functionality and SaaS. Once they’ve found what they need, they want to effortlessly pay for this.

    They need to fill out respective payment information on your website to check-out and choose their preferable payment method if there are multiple options available.

    The getaway will then collect the payment information and transfer it (with secure encryption) to the processing bank of authorization.

    The processing bank will make a request through Visa’s or MasterCard’s payment network on the card. American Express and Discover authorization process is much simpler.

    The card issuer then approves/declines the transaction or requests additional authorization from the cardholder.

    The processing bank then forwards to the response, through the getaway back to the merchant. You should finalize the transaction accordingly.

    If the transaction is successful, the merchant deposits the receipt with the processing bank.

    The payment processor then adds the funds to the merchant’s account and passes the transaction to Visa/MasterCard for a settlement.

    The card issuing company then pays the processing bank, while simultaneously taking out the funds from the card issuer’s account.

    Finally, the issuing bank adds the transaction to the cardholder’s account and requests the payment in a monthly statement (or debits the amount immediately).

Advanced Multi Level Affiliate System

Advanced Multi Level Affiliate System extends affiliate functionality with following features:

    percentage-based or fixed amount commission.

    individual commissions can be defined not only for affiliates, but for products too.

    ability to create and use unlimited number of affiliate schemes with customized commission amounts.

    different schemes can be attached

    schemes can be applied to coupons, categories and manufacturers.

    configurable to calculate commission from total or subtotal, before or after shipping / handling / taxes etc.

    ability to automatically approve new affiliates, configurable per level.

    ability to automatically add commission to affiliate’s accounts, configurable per level and triggered by admin selected order statuses.

    each percentage-based scheme has its’ own tracking code, which can be used to signup new affiliates to a particular scheme.

    built-in tracking code, which is used to track customers, is also used to track sub-affiliate signups.

    possible to associate customer account with parent affiliate permanently in the database, not in cookies only.

    logged-in affiliates can obtain links to any page with their tracking code while just browsing the site.

    admin can see full affiliate downline tree, optionally affiliates can see their downline too.

    admin can modify, remove or add arbitrary commission to one or more affiliates for any order.

    ability to see both current balance and total earnings, accounts that haven’t provided their payout information etc.

E-Wallet MLM Software System Malaysia

Mobile MLM E-Wallet System

MLM E-Wallet System

Crypto MLM E-Wallet System

USD MLM E-Wallet System

An E-Wallet is nothing but a virtual storage space method which stores the information about E-Money, E-pin, etc. E- Wallet stores all the incomes and expenses in the form of virtual money.

Just like all other e-commerce platforms, MLM software Malaysia also features with e-cash, e-pin and e-wallet. E- Wallet plays the crucial role in MLM software Malaysia in order to manage and operate all financial transfers and information of the user.

Key Features

Virtual Money Storage

Virtual Money Storage

Secure and Trustworthy

Money Transfer

E-Wallet make sure safe and risk free MLM Business. MLM Software Malaysia provides an E-Wallet system with high end features that can ease your MLM Business.

Pay In (e-Wallet In)

The Member gets a commission from MLM income plan.

Through deposits (which is transferred from Credit Cards, Debit Cards or any other Payment Gateways)

From other Members E-Wallet accounts as E-money transfer.

As other bonus etc.

Payout process (e-Wallet Out):

User pays the new membership fee for online registration

During withdrawal

While transferring E-money to another E-Wallet account

While adjusting bonus

While buying E-pins

While Upgrading member account

While Requesting E-Money withdrawal etc.

Features of E-wallet in the MLM Software Malaysia are:

The amount in E-wallet can be used for purchasing E-pins.

The amount in E-wallet can be used for new registrations.

The amount in E-wallet can be used for ordering/purchasing product.

Can transfer Money to other E-Wallet.

The Amount deducted in re-purchase from payouts can be transferred to E-wallet.

Key Features

Virtual Money Storage

Secure and Trustworthy

To perform Money in Process

To perform Money Out Process

Money Transfer

Used to buy E-Pins

Used for adjusting bonus

Used for new registration & Member Upgradation

Used for Requesting E-Money withdrawal

Support Ticket System Malaysia

Support Ticket System Malaysia

Best Help Desk Software

Help desk Ticketing System

Help desk Software, Customer Service Software

Web Help Desk: Help Desk Software

Customer service app and help desk support ticket software

Online Help Desk Software

Web-based help desk app to delight your customers. Tracks support tickets, fully integrates with email and Active Directory.The main screen of our Helpdesk Ticketing System features a powerful grid-view showing all the information about your current tickets. You can easily sort and filter tickets, review current statistics and even perform bulk operations without leaving the page, like assign tickets to agents, merge, close, delete tickets etc. Our help desk management software leverages a proprietary, market - leading ticketing system that empowers you to provide the best support to your customers.Everything inside our helpful desk is built on industry - recognized best practices to drive efficiencies within your organization. A powerful ticket - management platform that allows you to centralize all conversations with customers so anyone from finance, sales to the CEO can quickly review the status of your clients.Automating business rules through work - flow automation provides for creating predetermined responses so your clients know that you have the ticket and will be working on it.

Its Support is fast, efficient and easy to use. From the main control panel you’ll be able to:

View the ticket message by hovering over the subject.

Quickly assign tickets to a user or department.

View tickets by creation date or last activity.

Mark as important, delete and so much more.