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We provide full managed IT Services, remote IT support & consulting services custom to your business and budget

We Manage Your Technology!

Repro is reliable local and fully certified Managed IT Provider in Malaysia that could manage your:

    Managed IT Service

    Computer and network support

    Remote IT support

    Dark Web Monitoring & Identity Theft Protection

    Help desk support

    Network security

    Desktop support

    Cloud Services

Repro Marketing is a leading Managed IT Services, IT Support, IT Solutions & IT Consulting Provider.


    Hardware Installation

    Hardware Maintenance

    Software Development

    Network Administration

    Cloud Services

    Disaster Recovery


    Full IT support

    Workstation support

    Servers support

    Network support

    System maintenance

    Computer support


    Full remote support

    24/7 monitoring

    Server monitoring

    Desktop monitoring

    Min-by-min monitoring

    Maximize network uptime


    Dedicated help desk

    Available to all clients

    Phone call support

    Experienced engineers

    24/7 services


    Network security solutions

    Firewall management

    Virus protections

    VPNs services

    Intrusion detection


    Patch management

    Spyware / Trojan / Virus removal

    System alerts watch

    Disk space monitoring

    Asset management

E-Commerce Solution

Providing User Friendly E-commerce Solutions

We know very well that when folks are reluctant to go out and shop retail they prefer to online shop. E-commerce naturally has taken priority over traditional methods of online business. Our company extends the niche benefits of a comprehensive e-commerce solutions in India and around the world. These days, the huge amount of trade over the internet thereby has seen a booming growth.

Our E-commerce Solutions has wide Variety

E-commerce strategy: Our unique e-commerce requirements specifications.

Conversion through user experience: Ensure your site architecture; navigation are optimized for maximum ROI.

Custom shopping cart development: We have experience with all the major platforms.

3rd Party Integration: We ensure that your website is an necessary and fully integrated components of your online business.

At 'REPRO' each shopping cart is carefully developed to allow user friendly shopping minus the hassles of a huge website.

Every E-commerce Package Includes

Online product catalog: Manage products with one-click updates, and control inventory.

Dynamic store design: Choose from premium templates, change colors, and add your own flair.

Built in marketing tools: SEO tools, social media, all included.

We Build Business not Just Website

As e-commerce partners, our main focus is to build successful business module for our clients not just a website. We develop specially for our clients, measurements in online business terms, including high return on investment (ROI), increasing traffic and revenues. We welcome you to our Company, and we will make you sure that your experience with us will be appreciated by you.

Software Development

Software Development Company in Malaysia

Software development is our main area of expertise in which we have been attached to since 2015. We are a recognized and well versed software development company situated in Lucknow and we are known for providing best software development services in Malaysia and around the world. Having huge experience in developing software products according to our clients needs and requirements. We have specialists working with a variety of clients from companies to individuals.

Our software development team is able to develop any software product at various levels. With us, you can be sure of immutable support, trust and state of the art of software development cycle. We are specialized in developing mobile applications, desktop based software applications and web based software applications. Our team of experts analyze our client's requirements and suggest the desktop or web mode of development.

Technologies We are Using for Software Development

Software development possess the expertise on whole range of technologies that can be used to develop accomplishedsoftware products. Our software development specialists always choose most feasible and best technology for developing solutions.






All our web applications are responsive to support tablets, cell phones, and Iphones perfectly.

Our company has various departments that coordinate with each other ensuring the successful completion of every phase of the software development process.

Necessary Phases of the Software Development Process Include

Market Evaluation.

Implementation of the plan.

Maintenance and fixing errors.

Deep analysis of the requirement.

Quality-check of developed software.

Performance of the software at desired platform.

Designing a suitable plan for achieving the target of solution.

Gathering required information for finding the possible business solution.

Website Design

REPRO is the reliable web application development company of Malaysia. We create web applications for the effective functionality of your website as well. We deliver perfect web applications combining our experience, latest trends and technologies, ability and cross-vertical experience. Our web application developers will guide you through all the stages of development beginning from idea conceptualization to product deployment.

Do you Need Custom Web Application?

REPRO has a reputation in the world for developing effective, and innovative customized web applications that meet our clients expectations as well. Our custom web application development team is highly skilfull in developing highest level of usability, scalability and compatibility in browsers. We only invest a considerable amount of time and we trying to determine that how the business works so we can propose innovative options for the clients.

Why Custom Web Application Development?

Often a custom web application is a good method of solving business problems. Custom web applications are meant to be used on Iphones, tablets and computer system, this can often mean that the overall flow of information renovate. Custom web applications are build for the intention that it can be deployed onto the cloud, this is often a critical facet of security that most organizations desire. As custom web application software is built for a specific business process the time saved in training.

With REPRO, you Will Get

Full transparency.

Smart application architecture.

Highly usable web applications.

High application maintainability.

Stabilization and ongoing support.

All our web applications are responsive to support tablets, cell phones, and Iphones perfectly.

Customize Development

Custom Software Development Industry-Specific Expertise

Our development team's main focus is providing custom software development services in Malaysia and around the world. In today's technology world changes incessantly and the huge amount of information at your fingertips grows at an ever-enhancing rate.

REPRO is a well versed and reputed software development company in the world, expertise in developing custom software applications, automation and business software. We primarily develop software applications which automates everyday workflow of an organization and makes our client's life much easy and comfortable.

We know very well that the different client have different requirements therefore special effort might be required to fulfill these needs as well. Our custom application development services are aimed to complete these requirements of our clients. We create custom software applications that can perfect suit the changing needs of our clients.

Custom Software Development Key Features Include

With REPRO, you Will Get

Custom software optimized for ease of use

Enhance your organization's operational efficiency

Store valuable information in centralized servers for data-mining

Customized software application to fit your exact business needs

Customized Software Applications Enable you

Pre defined methodologies

To derive competitive benefits

To address gaps in the functionality

To address facets of the business process

Custom Software Application Development Approach as Follow

Market Research

Quality Assurance

Planning Allocation

Requirement Research

Gathering required information

Maintenance and error handling

Our Steps

Check workability






Maintain & performance


The customized software will be delivered to you for testing.

We will provide with an estimate for the custom software project.

We are convenient working on fixed bid projects or hourly, whichever you choose.

We will work closely with you to understand your expectations for your software project.

Our list of custom software applications development include, customer relationship management, institute management system, payroll management system, employee management system, exam management system, property management, constructions management, broker MIS, MR reporting system, tender management system and more.

Internet Marketing

Categories of Internet Marketing as Follow

Search engine optimization: (SEO) Search engine optimization is process of promoting a site for search engines. Through this, our SEO experts promote websites for generating more relevant traffic from organic search engine ranking. Our effective search engine optimization campaign can promote your website to the top of the search results on Google, MSN, Yahoo, and Aol etc. As SEO specialist, we understand the importance of search engine optimization for small or medium size of business. Our objective is to increase website position on organic search engine results page.

(Google Adwords) Pay Per Click: PPC or paid search marketing allows you for generating instant and maximum traffic, and sales. Pay per click advertising refers to the search engine advertising payment model in which payment is based merely on qualifying click through.

Pay per click advertising is necessary to customer acquisition strategy as it provides high traffic, instant brand visibility, and purchase results. We knows effective pay per click campaigns are about understanding how to zero in on customer intention and directly enhance conversion goals as well.

E-mail Marketing: As of 2010, there are an estimated 5 billion email accounts active worldwide. Due to versatility and effectiveness email marketing has replaced other marketing tactics. We can use email marketing to follow up on sales, build good relationships with customers, and much more. One of the important forms of Internet marketing is e-mail marketing. It is very crucial in email marketing to be absolutely pardoned from the spam identity.

We works for generating relevant traffic through email marketing campaign, we do deep analysis of your website to see who are visiting, and from where the visitors coming, and we focus most of other factors.

A Perfect Way to Promote Products or Service Online

Internet is indeed the biggest contemporary way for getting information about anything. Internet marketing, in fact, is the best and the most effective way to promote the business, service or product on global scale. There are various ways to do the internet marketing like search engine optimization, search engine marketing. Internet marketing allows you to promote any service or products online at very lower cost than any other advertising method. The decision to use internet marketing as part of a organization's overall marketing strategy is rigidly up to the organization of course, but online marketing is becoming an expeditiously very vital part of nearly every company's marketing mix.

Application Maintenance

Application and software support is a vital element towards increasing and extending the life of the applications.

We have been adopting perfect method to ensure that our customers receive effective, and affordable experience. About 55-60% of typical IT staff costs are utilized for maintaining the applications, leaving only 40-45% for developing new applications.

Our application and software maintenance services in India and around the world that allow our clients to evolve their software with changing business needs, decrease the system downtime, and in the process increase and extend the life of the application.

With the advantage of business functions, and collaboration for making active business decisions, enhance use of IT brings the difficulty of managing help for enterprise applications. Application support often takes the huge share of an IT budget, and leaving limited scope for new development. It also requires specialist level of knowledge to solve production issues as well.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a term that refers to practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy for managing all your company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. It helps you stay connected to them, streamline processes and improve your profitability.It just like alots company using crm example Forex CRM software , distribute CRM, alot of successful company also apply CRM software, etc, forex company, manufacture, distribution, and many more.

MLM Software

We deliver a comprehensive and professional range of high quality Internet service and website solutions in Malaysia. We provide fully efficient and effective MLM Software worldwide. We also offered better assistance in MLM software in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. We have more MLM customer with an advance MLM wellness industry and investment concepts.

MLM Software is playing an important roles in MLM industry. We do customer friendly software as per the customer requirement. We have a dedicated team for mlm software development. We also do mlm software in budget price.

Scale able MLM software technology

International - language, tax, and currency

Data Security and recovery

Payroll Flexibility

MLM Experts

Innovative Tools

Legal MLM Software compliance

Plus many other options...

We have already developed software’s on

Binary Plan

Matrix Plan

Hyper Binary Plan

Level Plan

Growth Plan

Generation Plan

Board Plan

E-Share Trading Management System

Being a smarter investor is about seeing the world for what it's worth. That means digging deeper and finding possibilities in the details. And we're by your side with the latest tools and technology you'll need to take a closer look.

Professional E-share trading Management System Ability to manage member’s e-wallet account, realized the 3-in-3-out trading functionality, the system will automatically purchase and sell the E-share based on 3-in-3-out basis.

Ability to manually split the share, allotment of shares, ability to adjust the share price and limit the time & date of purchasing.

Complete functionality for member’s e-wallet management, the transactions & profit report (History) are transparent to provide a hassle-free trading platform.

The E-share Management System will automated the nature of complexity of E-share, tremendously reduce the need of human works to reduce errors, the bonus will be calculated automatically by the system.

Complete functionality for member’s e-wallet management, the transactions & profit report (History) are transparent to provide a hassle-free trading platform.

The E-share Management System will automated the nature of complexity of E-share, tremendously reduce the need of human works to reduce errors, the bonus will be calculated automatically by the system.

E-Coin Trading System

E-Coin trading system is a decentralized key/value registration and transfer system based on cryptocurrency (e.g. Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin). The platform is built using the latest technologies and lets you execute tradeswith speed. It's a trading and mining platform of cryptocurrency for registered members. Besides that, we can also implement your additional requirements to adjust the exchange to your specific business is a trading platform/system for crypto-currency such like: Bitcoin and Litecoin with many advanced features including buy, sell and exchange.

Advanced chartingtools for analyzing purpose.

Flexibility in transaction fees adjustment and spread adjustment.

Ability to manage e-wallet account, easy and transparency for members to keep track on their transaction.

Highly secured transactions, all communications using SSL to ensure your precious data are protected.

Frequent backup the data for risk-management purpose, your data security is in our top priority list.

Complete admin functionality including member registration, reporting tools, e-wallet management and others.

Ready API for members, allows clients to access and control their accounts, using custom written software.